What did the adults do… The Broulee Easter Bunny Part 3

If you’ve been following my love posts of Broulee over the last couple of weeks in Part 1 and Part 2 , well this is it. The last one. I’ll no longer bang on about the little South Coast town of New South Wales that pulls at my heart strings… for a little while anyway. But what did the adults do?

Broulee - beach house - orange flowers
Beach House garden flowers

Chilling out

Well we did enjoy doing all the activities with the kids. We rode bikes and scooters, we played beach cricket and soccer. The water bomb fight had us in stitches and so did the game of “Fly” (read Part 2). With so many activities during the day we all needed to chill out as well at some stage.

Yes the television did go on to watch a couple of rugby league matches but that was pretty much the only time we thought about it. Right under that television was a bookshelf loaded up with books, Hubster found himself a short book and managed to get his way through his first one in years.

Broulee - beach house - bookshelf
Beach House book shelf

I wandered around the garden and was amazed at the different types of plants that grow in the beach/salt/sand conditions. My thumb has definitely never been green, in fact plants shudder when they arrive at my house. But looking closely at some of the flowers in the garden, I soon discovered bees flying around. A lot of them. I usually race away from these buzzy creatures but they looked very cool and were so interesting.

Broulee - Beach House - White flowers - bee
Beach House garden flowers and bees


We also dreamt of owning a property in Broulee. Yes it wasn’t just me who fell in love with the place, Hubster has always loved it there. We walked past “For Sale” signs and the kids and I would dream what it would be like to live there. On closer investigation we found our favourite new beachfront attached dual occupancy was $1 million, just out of our price range…

The real estate agent was up the road from the surf shop, so we did a little window shopping there too. Obviously the further back from the beach the street is, the price starts to drop – so for now we keep dreaming.

Broulee - Beach House - Bench Chair
Beach House bench chair

Coffee love

Then there was coffee… Hubster has the knack of finding a great morning coffee spot when we’re on holidays. This time was no different and he came through with the liquid gold, but so did I – twice! He found South Brou Cafe at the Broulee Surf Club and the coffee was beautiful, I think that was our first morning. That was a great start to our holiday.

I found Single Fin Gypsy and the coffee was fantastic (so were the brownies), not to mention the funky caravan, umbrellas and seating. They also had cool merchandise like funky guitar straps and Turkish towels. On my walk up to check them out the first time, I managed to drop some money somewhere and Christian was good enough to spot me the rest. The most loveliest people you could meet. Needless to say we went back there quite a few times!

Broulee - Single Fin Gypsy caravan
Single Fin Gypsy

My other coffee find was Alfresco Coffee in Moruya. A cafe on market day that happened to have a rare car park right out the front. A golden car park like this with at least a dozen people standing out the front waiting for coffee – had to be a sign from above. Yum it was delish and the staff were so friendly and lovely, especially given how busy they were.

Moruya - coffee shop
Alfresco Coffee

Our stay was too short

We really wanted to go for a walk around Broulee Island (Conservation Reserve). Hubster has done this numerous times and it’s very beautiful. Time just wasn’t on our side.

Fishing… our fishing gear was accidentally left behind, sad. There are some great spots to enjoy throwing a line in and the scenery is a bonus. Next time for sure.

Broulee - Beach House - Gate latch
Beach House gate

We look forward to exploring Moruya further, going to the markets was great but driving past all the shops, restaurants and pubs was just cruel. The kids have already made a list of the places they want to go. Such a good vibe around town.

We love to go exploring on the bikes and a little further a field in the car. Tomakin is one of our destinations next time and further around to Guerilla Bay, which I hear is great for diving and snorkelling.

Broulee - Beach House - purple daisy
Beach House daisy

Go and have an experience too

To give you a bit of an idea, this is how you get to Broulee from the closest major cities. Hopefully you can work out how far it would be for you.


From Canberra it’s a little more than 2 hours (which explains the abundance of cars with Canberra number plates around town), from Sydney it’s just over 4 hours and if you’re up for a drive from Melbourne it’s 8.5 hours.


Canberra is easily the most direct trip and will take you 3.5 hours. There are bus companies who will get you there from Sydney and Melbourne but you’re up for an adventure. Sydney could take you anywhere from 6 hours and Melbourne around 11 hours.


The only flights to Moruya Airport are from Sydney. This flight will take you 50 minutes. And yes Moruya has an airport!

Broulee - beach house - white flowers - ants
Beach House flowers and ants

It’s no longer a secret, Broulee is a little place to explore, a great place to chill out and always a place to have fun. I’ve done all but shout from the roof of our beach house how amazingly beautiful this place is. Off you go and let me know what you find…

Bling and Butterflies xo

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