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Hello and welcome to my little section of the world that is all me.

In my world I’m a wife to a hubster who is such an important part of me and there are 2 cheeky and loving boys who keep us on our toes.

I work as well, so juggling friends and family is just that, a juggle… I like to organise that life with lists and the like. Sometimes with success.

Anytime spent with my friends is cherished. These times I soak up with probably a little more enthusiasm than appropriate but I never know when that next moment will be.

Originally I started this blog (June 2015) as a way to find my way through “I want to do something but I don’t know what it is”. It gave me a place to use that creative side of me who always wants to get out. It was also somewhere to release many parts of me that were caught inside.

These days I’m a much stronger, happier and fuller person – well on a good day anyway.

My blog is full of me. It’s about what I think. What I see. What I love.  And what interests me at that moment.

Each time I pop into my website or I’m creating a blog or editing photos, I’m putting myself right into that post. Sometimes I feel like I’m swimming in it. I suppose it’s coming straight from my heart.

I have a passion for home interiors and love homewares, love! I could wander aimlessly through many a store and would change the look of my house each week if I could. I enjoy adding to our rooms, making them cosy and comforting – as opposed to mish mash and lost, which is usually how it ends up.

I love throwing myself into all types of holiday celebrations. Show me Christmas, Australia Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter and even birthdays. If there’s a day, I’m on it. I may just throw some printables at the kids, cook love heart biscuits or decorate the house – whatever, I love it!

Then there’s cooking, I adore cooking. I’m not great at it but I’ll try everything and make anything (and get the kids involved too). My much loved fun and happy time!

The kids became a big part of my blog by default really. I didn’t expect it to go that way but they are me too. No one ever told me that boys were concerned about what they wear, how long their shorts need to be and hair in the morning these days… oh dear.

As much as blogging is a creative outlet for me, I still need to create and enjoy making things with or without the kids. Sometimes that creative inspiration will happen without notice and I just have to make it happen.

I’m so glad I’m on this journey now. Life is a gift. Life should be lived with no regrets, with people you love to be around, who make you happy and who inspire you.

Oh and of course… I love butterflies!

That’s a little peek into me.  How about you?  I’d love to hear from you, pop me a note and say hi. (over here)

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