The Goddess in my bathroom…

We all have hair issues (well some of us normal people do). I have fine, dry hair which I lighten, there’s not much of it and tends to frizz and curl to its heart’s content. At the thought of humidity little ringlets will form on the hair line of my neck and Shirley Temple curls will frame my face. None of them in a lovely and even way, no! Up it goes in a pony tail.

When I heard there was a hair straightener which used steam to straighten hair I’m thinking ummm… no! Everyone knows water and steam are not a combination you expose your hair to. Not if you want to keep your mane tamed and straight.

To say the least, I was very sceptical.

front of VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate for blog

Anyhoo I was a little excited to try this Goddess Ultimate by VS Sassoon and I’m LOVING the colour of the straightener itself being my favourite and all.

Let the process begin. Washed my hair, waited for it to dry… completely, yes completely. Then ran a brush through it.

I popped some water in the reservoir of the Goddess (I love that word) straightener, turned it on and waited what seemed like nano seconds for it to warm up. I worry about straighteners singeing my hair ends so I actually read the instructions. For my thin and lightened hair it suggested setting it quite low. So I set it at the lowest temperature 170o and lowest steam setting and took a deep breath.

curly for blog

After the first run through my hair, I was a little surprised and then excited. My hair hadn’t reacted to a straightener like this before. I had it in sections and after the first section was done I was smiling and started talking to myself, saying things like “I hope this keeps working like this” and “this doesn’t look like it’s going to singe my hair”.

half half for blog

I worked my way through the rest of my hair and then got to the front part which is very partial to the “singe” – held my breath, closed my eyes (then opened them again) and ran the Goddess through… It worked! No crinkled and fried hair. Oh wow wee.

I took a step back and surveyed the result. My hair looked thicker, it was shiny and straight. It felt soft and even though I had only focused on straightening and not styling, it actually sat well and I would have been quite happy to walk straight out the door.

I’m pretty sure I did a little happy dance.

straight for blog

I was very happy with the way my hair lasted for the rest of the day and night. Then I started to think of other hairstyles I could create using this Goddess, now that I wasn’t afraid my hair would get singed.

The Goddess also comes with a heat mat to protect your bench top, as well as a little bag to pop it in. I’ve used the bag when I took the Goddess on holidays with me. My little gem should be treated well and looked after while travelling!

back of VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate for blog

Yes I was given the Goddess Ultimate straightener to try out thanks to Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily and no I’m not obligated to give this a great review or even a good review, just an honest review.

Honesty is what you got.

I’m more than happy to share my love for this little Goddess, in fact I already have among friends. The Goddess has been shared around, my friends were intrigued by my new love and were keen to try it out themselves.

If you’re intrigued, have a look at the website dedicated to this little Goddess and if you like it, save your pennies – $142.95 will get you one for your Goddess self. Or… get one for free!

The Birthday Blog VS Sassoon Ultimate Goddess Competition has started, pop over to my Facebook or Instagram page, find the competition post and enter.

Competition pic

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Bling and Butterflies xo

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