Stationery obsession…

Send me into a stationery shop and I’m in absolute heaven.  I’ve been known to catch my breath when I walk in and will stand just inside the doorway to work out which direction to start my adventure.  My next thought is how much money I will allow myself to spend!  Well it’s a given, I will be walking out with a purchase no matter how big or small.

Some people may think this is strange but then again, there are some of you who will totally understand the sheer glee upon walking into a shop filled with stationery related products.  Or that euphoric moment when you discover a little stationery alcove in a shop selling clothes, for want of a better example.  My local pyjama shop is one of my favourite spots for this type of find.

my stash at work

I’m pretty sure I was born with this obsession.  As a little girl I would cherish my collection of rubbers (erasers), smelly pens, stickers and note pads.  I very rarely used them or took them out of their packaging.  Why?  I didn’t want to waste them or was it that if I did, they would lose their appeal?

I continued the same passion as an adult and although I was more liberal with the use of my items of love, my world would soon open up when I took one very brave step.  I allowed my 4 year old son to use some stickers and a notepad which I had kept since my childhood.  GASP.  Watching the joy and love he showed for my cherished stationary I had kept protected for so long was strangely uplifting.

In no time at all I was offering more items, they were worn and slightly tattered, not from use but from being kept “protected”.  Doesn’t really make sense to me now.  I then started to use the odd notebook, post-it-notes and other items, and found I enjoyed them even more than when they sat there “protected”.

the very old and the very new

The people I work with are well aware of my love for stationery and share their finds with me…  They have been known to bring me the odd coloured stationery item, which might sound strange but when standard issue is black foldback clips and silver paperclips, anything coloured stands out.

pretties at work
pretties at work

Then there are my beautiful pen jars which are beautiful because they hold my memories as well as my pens.  One is from my trip to Vietnam, my first overseas trip which was daunting to say the least, but so exciting as well.  I popped my overseas cherry with 2 gorgeous girlfriends and those memories I still hold close to my heart.  The other was handmade for me by a lady I once worked with.  She nailed me in that pen jar… butterflies, purple and the bling I call gold.

Well I’m not loyal to any brand in particular, I don’t have a favourite, I know what I love when I look at it and it must feel nice to use.  It’s very simple… I love colour, I love it to have style and yes I love it to sparkle.

Bling and Butterflies xo

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