Mumma’s learning…

It’s been 7 months since I clicked that “publish” button and my first blog post was no longer safe and secure in my little head. Off it went into the big scary world all by itself, open and vulnerable to the scrutiny and opinions of people I know and scarily enough people I don’t. There were a number of factors that influenced me to start my blog. A couple of very personal reasons I’m pleased I have outgrown and now see me a much more stronger and happier and fuller person.

My main influence came from my sister. It was the sharing of her situation, knowledge and the amazing learning that she was doing, which helped me to finally do something out of my comfort zone (after a good month of research!). I love to learn about the ins and outs of blogging. I’m such a newbie. I have a couple of bloggers I love to follow and it makes my yearning to grow my baby blog, a little bit bigger.

So I signed up to do a course with WordPress… Blogging 101 a while ago. So long that I had forgotten all about it until an email arrived telling me it was time… IT WAS TIME!

I’d normally avoid study or anything requiring more of my time, such a chore. This didn’t seem like such a chore!So here is my version of the first assignment… Who I am and why I’m here. I checked out A glimpse into me, my first post and wondered if I had changed, had I grown, were my opinions different?

Well if you read it one day, it’s all me… The place that it came from, the place I was in, is no doubt a different place to where I am now inside. The meaning, the sentiment and devotion of the contents remains true to my heart.

This is me.

Bling and Butterflies xo

8 thoughts on “Mumma’s learning…

  1. I would have never guessed that your blog is 7 months old, it has the maturity of a blog that has been around for much longer. I love the pictures and you have such a beautiful family.


    1. What a great title! Bling and Butterflies, I am such a newbie and have only posted 4 blogs. Correct me if i make an error on anything please!! I love your use of words, you have a down to earth writing style. Very easy to read and entertaining.

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  2. Love your writing style. It feels as if you are talking to your best friend. Such ease. The pictures add a touch of life to it as well. I’m just getting started in public blogging and look forward to developing my own style.


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