A glimpse into me…

A little about me to get this started.  I have a beautiful family, friends who are gems and a crazy busy lifestyle.  I love all things that sparkle and shimmer, I love to organise and make lists, I love to create and of course… I love butterflies!

Perhaps like you, I lack the extra 10 hours that would help me to achieve all those goals I set out to accomplish during the day.  My bathroom may not get cleaned, my friendships are often neglected and dinner may be rushed but my family don’t mind and they always have a smile for me.  In return I am grateful.  I try so hard.  We all try so hard.863Anytime spent with my friends is cherished.  These times I soak up with probably a little more enthusiasm than appropriate but I never know when that next moment will be.  My friends are amazingly talented, each in their unique way.  Always people to take inspiration from and who are understanding of my lack of time because they are often in that same big boat.1182

My life aspiration is for my family to be happy, my house to be organised and I can create at will.  This is a major work in progress, some would question the “progress” but I can see it, some days.  I will get there.  One day.  Not as quick as I would like but I will.

Bling and Butterflies xo

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